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Please use the form below to provide details related to your Food Drive! We want to thank you for your interest in supporting SHFB and are eager to support your efforts!

Additional questions? Contact Toni, (937) 325-8715 ext. 134 or

Do you need barrels delivered?
Do you need us to pick up donation at the end of your drive?

Please carefully read, review and sign the following Policies and Procedures.

  • Only use barrels provided and/or approved by SHFB to meet food safety guidelines

  • Only collect "dry products" nothing refrigerated or frozen

  • No glass items

  • Non-food will be collected separately

  • Location of barrels are within 25+ feet away from chemical or products that can cause cross contamination

  • Location of barrels is clean, organized, and sanitized

  • 100% of the donated items will be returned to Second Harvest Food Bank of Champaign, Clark, and Logan Counties

    • SHFB can and will distribute these items through our 60 partner agencies. Please only collect items on behalf of SHFB, not a local food pantry or soup kitchen. SHFB will distribute to partners internally through our procedures we have in place.

  • Only use the SHFB logo provided on website ( for marketing efforts

Thanks for submitting! We look forward to our partnership.

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