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How Our Home Deliveries Work

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

One of the many programs Second Harvest has to serve our community is the Home Delivery program. We deliver food to our neighbors who are over 60 years old and are not able to attend our regular distributions. I took a day to join delivery driver Elliott on his route in Urbana. Learn more about the program in the video below!


The program is intended for people who are 60 or older that either have disabilities or health issues or lack of transportation. So they can't make it to either the food bank to get food or any of our mobile distributions.

So I go to New Carlisle; yesterday I was all the way in Indian Lake. So I do more of the longer routes and he [other delivery driver] does more of the local [routes], and then Fridays I usually spend putting in the orders for the food that we'll be delivering the next week.

I try to do a lot of the same staple items and then in addition to that, it really all depends on what we have in our inventory.

Today they're getting milk, cheese, butter, cheesy egg bites, Bob's Evans turkey sausage, wheat tortillas, a pound of ground beef. And I usually just tie it upland then they will get a bag of chips and Cheerios.

You really get to see where all the hard work pays off and how appreciative people can be. It makes a big difference to a lot of people.

In addition to hams they'll get--we call it a holiday box--it's basically just a box full of different items that are kind of geared toward the Christmas meal.

When I first started last November, we were delivering to just under 200 [homes] a week, and now we deliver to about 400 a week. Last time I did the math on it, we're delivering a little over half a million pounds of food a year through Home Delivery.

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